We are available to make visits 365 days a year morning, mid-day, night and all holidays.

Our office hours are 10a-8p, M-F with intermittent hours on the weekends. 

(We request that all weekend services be booked by noon Friday- thank you!)

We are located in Ditmas Park, and service Windsor Terrace, Caton Park, Kensington, Flatbush, Victorian Flatbush, Fiske Terrace, East & West Midwood, and Midwood.

If your neighborhood isn't listed please email us, and if we are available we will gladly look after your pet(s).



Each visit includes: A walk, fresh water refill, a feeding if requested, a timely summary through our pet sitting software, and careful attention to your pet's present needs and your additional requests. We always throw in a great belly rub for good measure! We are also happy to offer trash/recycling services when away, alternate lights/blinds, and assist with plant care by request.


*Based on availability and compatibility of dogs*

Every group walk is between 2 and 4 dogs.

Monday - Friday from 11a-5p

$16 - M-F package*

$17 - 30+ min visit

$5 per additional family dog

*Price for 5 consecutive M-F visits 11a-5p


Monday - Friday from 11a-6p

$16/$17 - 20 minute "Quick Visit"

$19 - M-F package*

$20 - 30 min visit

$27 - 45 min visit

$32 - 60 min visit

Off Peak Visits

$23 - M-F before 11a and after 6p

$23 - Sa-Su between 11a-6p

$27 - Sa-Su before 11a and after 6p


$5 per additional family dog

We ask that requests for wknd visits be made by Fri at 12p

*Price for 5 consecutive M-F 30 minute visits 11a-6p


The first visit is complementary and will include a meeting to discuss your goals for your dog, and will allow us to do a trial run to assess your pooch’s style. Each visit includes a short warm up walk, a jog or run, depending on your dog’s needs, and a short cool down walk.

Does your dog have leash aggression or leash issues? We can accommodate them as well and can help reinforce positive associations with whatever triggers them outdoors. Ask us how!


$22 for 20 min

$30 for 30 min

$40 for 45 min

$5 per additional family dog

Please inquire for weekend availability


Two 20 minute visits per day, M-F. Focuses on encouraging potty training by creating a dependable routine and projecting positivity, and comfortably introducing new puppies to the leash and their neighborhood. We happily reinforce sit, down, stay, and soft (or no) biting if they are part of your usual repertoire. We also help to reinforce any potty training commands you may be working on with your puppy. Consistency is a great training tool and we are happy to do what we can so that your new addition to the family learns as quickly and with as little stress as possible! A great package to help puppies become balanced, happy, and basically trained through positive reinforcement.


The two visits are spaced out between 10a-6p M-F, with your goal time discussed beforehand.

$140 per week


In addition to providing you with every perk our regular walks provide, sleepovers also include a full evening walk and dinner feeding, a sleepover at your home with your pet(s), a full morning walk and breakfast feeding, plant care, mail and newspaper retrieval, garbage and recycling services, alternating lights and blinds, up to 2 family cats and as much companionship, entertainment, and peace of mind that we can fit in.


$65 per night Mon-Thurs

$75 per night Fri-Sun

$10 per addt'l family dog

We ask that requests for wknd visits be made by Fri at 12p

*Option to add on a discounted 'quick-pee' visit for dinner- just ask.


In addition to providing you with every perk our regular walks provide, Dinner & a Movie date nights also include a full evening walk and dinner feeding, 2 full hours of companionship and playtime, mail and newspaper retrieval, garbage and recycling services, alternating lights and blinds, care for up to 2 family cats and total peace of mind. Its a wonderful service to give your pets a little extra time and attention, or is a good alternative to a sleepover if you're away on a trip.

$40 per visit Mon-Thurs

$45 per visit Fri-Sun

$5 per addt'l family pet (first 2 cats are included)

We ask that requests for wknd visits be made by Fri at 12p


Each visit is 30 min and is customized to your cat's specific needs. Whether your pet is used to playtime and attention or just companionship for peace of mind, we are there for them (and you) while you are gone. Visits include brushing if desired, fresh water refill, feeding, litter box scooping for up to 3 boxes, a timely summary through our petsitting software, and careful attention to your additional requests and their present needs.


In addition to our regular cat care services we also offer plant care, mail and newspaper retrieval, garbage and recycling services, alternating lights and blinds, all free of charge and as requested. For cats who require two visits a day, we vill visit them before 11a and between 4-8p.

$17 - Quick Visit Option 15-20 min*


$20 - M-F between 11a-8p

$25 - M-F before 11a

$25 - Sa-Su between 11a-8p

$30 - Sa-Su before 11a

$5 each addt'l family cat (first 2 cats are included)

$12 litter box change (intended for longer packages)

We ask that requests for wknd visits be made by Fri at 12p

* $17 Quick Visit Option is for multiple cat visits in one day, M-F 11a-8p. Please inquire for off peak pricing.


For most Federal holidays there will be a $5 surcharge per visit.

Please inquire for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and Independence Day pricing.

Please note- If you are a new client we will need to set up a meet & greet before we can provide you with pet care services. This can take a few days to arrange so please plan in advance to meet us at least 2 weeks before any holiday. There is no charge for the initial meet & greet.

Discounts and package pricing do not apply to holidays, holiday weekends, or holiday packages.


  • Reservations cancelled after 8p the night before

  • Non pill or excessive medication administration

  • Excessive indoor accident cleanup

  • Emergency services

  • Key pick up or drop off if no one is scheduled

  • $12 for complete litter box change (intended for longer packages)

  • 3 story or more walk-ups please inquire


  • We take $2 OFF each day with two cat or dog visits

  • We take $4 OFF each day with three or more dog visits

  • We take $5 OFF for each week when five M-F daily visits are completed- note "*M-F Package" in pricing

  • Exception- holidays and holiday weekends/packages


    All prices are subject to NY sales tax (8.875%).


    Services and prices are subject to availability and considerations.



We are a small family owned and run company comprised of dedicated animal owners and lovers who are based out of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. For the past 8 years we have been servicing this beautiful neighborhood and we are available 365 days of the year for you and your pets, morning, day time, evening, overnight, and for all holidays. Whether they need some fresh air and exercise, a casual walk around the neighborhood, or just a friendly hand to give them a scratch while you're away, we are here for you and yours whenever you may need. We chose this profession because we knew we would love our clients before we even met them!



We use only biodegradable waste bags and all printed materials are on 95-100% recycled papers. Invoicing and payments are preferred electronically to reduce paper waste; however, paper invoices are available upon request.  We ride our bicycles or walk to and from our visits when the weather permits.


Abby on Argyle is licensed in the state of New York to provide pet services. We are bonded and insured through Insurers of the Carolinas and we are a proud member of Pet Sitters International. Our staff members are armed with observational training and communication techniques and attend sessions on proper pet care techniques. They also carry pet first aid kits and management has been additionally trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. Our resident dog trainer, Nell Mendlinger, is certified by Walk This Way Canine Behavior Therapy as a Dog Trainer and Behavioral Counselor and is a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She uses her knowledge of pet behavior and communication to provide you with an aware and competent staff and to create services that truly cater to the needs of your furry loved ones.



Co-Owner & Manager

Lauren was born and raised on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Her love for animals started as a child, where the long-standing tradition of choosing the family’s pets began with her. From that day on, the most eccentric, the most curious, the most inquisitive animals were welcomed into her home and her life. She has since fully embraced her unique connection with animals and has chosen to extend that passion to her life’s work. Lauren went to Brandeis University and majored in Philosophy with a minor in Art while playing on the women’s D3 basketball team.


Co-Owner and Dog Trainer

Nell was born and raised on Argyle road in  Brooklyn. She’s had pets her entire life including cats and dogs, as well as iguanas, snakes, rats, hamsters, and birds. She chose to combine her affinity with Brooklyn and her love for animals in a way that would not only make her happiest, but would also help serve her community. Nell went to Manhattan’s John Jay University and has a BA in Forensic Psychology, is certified by Walk This Way Canine Behavior Therapy as a Dog Trainer and Behavioral Counselor and is a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.



Kevin brings a classic taste of Brooklyn to our services- in addition to owning all different types of pets growing up, from gerbils and reptiles, to cats and dogs, he has served the Brooklyn community in countless ways. He has worked as a part of ACORN for community outreach, helped students through the READ alliance, assisted at the Brooklyn Public Library, and also graduated from Brooklyn College. The combination of his chemistry with our furry friends and his sense of neighborliness make him a great asset to a company that cares after pets and Brooklynites alike. He is a skilled rollerblader from his hockey playing days and enjoys keeping your pets exercised through our dog running program.


Lead Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Ivan is our lead walker and sitter and for the past few years has been providing consistent and reliable weekend package services to our clients. Ivan has taken care of his extended family and friend's pets his whole life and comes to us with a more personal level of professional pet care experience. He quickly became a strong, reliable, and professional asset to this company as he has a great work ethic and a natural love for animals. He has an Associates Degree From CUNY Kingsborough and thrives on spending as much time as he can taking care of your kits and pups. 


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Brent is a native of Northern Maine who brings his innate respect for animals and nature to Abby On Argyle. He has been surrounded with animals since he was a child, and both dogs and cats are drawn to his calm and balanced demeanor. Brent is a very talented drummer and music teacher and enjoys performing and traveling with various bands and musicians. He graduated from Berklee College of Music and majored in Music Performance. Brent currently resides in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Alex comes to AoA with a ton of pet care experience! He has great dog handling skills and is well versed in those little nuances that cats and dogs pick up on so well, making sure your pets will feel comfortable in his care. Alex was a regional honors graduate in HS and is currently a college student working towards his Bachelors. Keep an eye out for this motivated kid traversing your neighborhood with the pooches!


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Before Jeff joined our crew, he looked after friends and neighbor's pets for a living. He really enjoyed the bonds he made with the pets and joined AoA to continue to do what he loved and to branch out. He masterfully juggles his pet care with his studies and is currently attending Brooklyn College with a major in marketing. In addition to spending his time studying and looking after your pets, Jeff is an excellent jazz guitarist and enjoys his time chilling with his girl (pitt bull husky mix), Mila.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Olivia was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is currently a neighbor of yours in the Ditmas Park area.  She was a volunteer at Sean Casey Animal Rescue assisting with walking dogs, providing needed interaction and care for the rescues, and help to feed and clean up after them as well. Olivia is currently a student at Brooklyn College with a major in Psychology and Business. She aspires to be an entertainment lawyer. While she works towards her dream she puts her volunteer experience and love for animals to good use looking after the extended AoA family!


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Sub Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Kaleb has had quite the menagerie of pets over the years. In addition to his two dogs Nakoma and Sheba, he has helped to take care of over 23 different cats in over 11 years. Kaleb attended the Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre and aspires to become a novelist. Kaleb is intuitive to the needs and emotions of pets and his attention to these details makes him an easy friend to cats and dogs alike.


Sub Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Since Ceecees was 8 years old, she helped her grandfather with his doggie daycare after school looking after larger groups of pets and learning the nuances of animal interaction and communication. Most of her free time is spent with her two dogs and cat. After successfully teaching her cat how to sit for treats, she decided to start studying animal behavior and learning how to train all animals on her own. Her unique experience with her family's pet daycare makes her an immediate asset to AoA. She is currently studying at Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre due to her love of music, singing, and theatre combat. 

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