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Step 1: Fill Out Form

Step 2: Arrange a Meet & Greet

Once we receive your form we will contact you via email to set up a meet and greet. The meet & greet is the first meeting between client & pet, and Abby on Argyle. It is a time for everyone to get comfortable with one another and for us to form a familiarity with your pet. The meet & greet takes place at your home and is your chance to tell us about the uniqueness of your animals and show us around. A typical meet & greet lasts between 20-40 minutes.


At the time of the meet & greet we require:

~ Pet care contract to be filled out in full and signed.

~ Two sets of keys; one for the walker, and one in case of emergency. 

FYI: Keys ONLY have pets name on them.


*Please keep in mind: meet & greets can take a few days or even weeks to schedule as they are dependent on both your schedule and ours, so please plan ahead when looking for pet services. We ask for a completed meet & greet at least 48 hours before our first service or at least 2 weeks before any holiday or holiday weekend.

Step 3: Request a Visit

Once your meet & greet is completed, you and your pet are officially clients of Abby on Argyle! We will send you a welcome packet including your very own login and password. You can check on your private pet profile, upcoming visits, past invoices and credits, and summaries from completed visits.

To request a visit, simply send us an email. We will send a confirmation, and you’ll be all set to go.


Thank you for choosing Abby On Argyle and welcome!

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